Fans of the iconic Prisoner series which pushed boundaries over three decades ago and still today boasts a loyal following worldwide, will remember Bea Smith as gutsy and fearless, ruling Wentworth Correctional Centre with an iron fist. But who was Bea Smith before prison? How did a wife and mother from the suburbs become a top dog without rival? Wentworth is a dynamic, often confronting, drama series that begins with Bea’s early days in prison. Set in the present day, it is a modern adaptation of Prisoner contemporising legendary characters and their stories for today’s audience. This ten-part series takes the viewer inside to an uncompromising environment exploring the politics of women in a world without men, and how such a threatening experience both challenges and often changes those confined and working behind the razor wire.

S6 Episode 1
S5 Episode 11 : Coup De Grace
S5 Episode 10 : Mere Anarchy
S5 Episode 9 : Snakehead
S5 Episode 8 : Think Inside The Box
S5 Episode 7 : The Pact
S5 Episode 6 : Happy Birthday, Vera
S5 Episode 5 : Belly Of The Beast
S5 Episode 4 : Loose Ends
S5 Episode 3 : Nothing But The Truth
S5 Episode 2 : The Bitch Is Back
S5 Episode 1 : Scars
S4 Episode 12 : Seeing Red
S4 Episode 11 : Eleventh Hour
S4 Episode 10 : Smitten
S4 Episode 9 : Afterlife
S4 Episode 8 : Plan Bea
S4 Episode 7 : Panic Button
S4 Episode 6 : Divide And Conquer
S4 Episode 5 : Love And Hate
S4 Episode 4 : Screw Lover
S4 Episode 3 : Prisoner
S4 Episode 2 : Poking Spiders
S4 Episode 1 : First Blood
S3 Episode 12 : Blood and Fire
S3 Episode 11 : The Living and the Dead
S3 Episode 10 : A Higher Court
S3 Episode 9 : Freak Show
S3 Episode 8 : Goldfish
S3 Episode 7 : The Long Game
S3 Episode 6 : Evidence
S3 Episode 5 : Mercy
S3 Episode 4 : Righteous Acts
S3 Episode 3 : Knives Out
S3 Episode 2 : Failing Upwards
S3 Episode 1 : The Governor's Pleasure