Web Therapy

'Web Therapy' stars Emmy Award-winning actress Lisa Kudrow as 'Dr. Fiona Wallice,' a self-professed psychotherapist who treats patients via webcam in weekly, three-minute sessions - a modality she believes more effective than the traditional 50-minute talk-a-thons heralded by other mental health professionals. However, she spends more time feigning boredom, interrupting and giving meaningless personal data than hearing her patient's issues. Her 'patients' including Jane Lynch ('Glee'), Courteney Cox ('Cougar Town'), Rashida Jones ('Parks and Recreation'), and, veteran star Bob Balaban ('For Your Consideration'), among others, are given a script framework, but ad-lib their performances with riotous results. (Source: Showtime)

S4 Episode 12 : Fiona Fulfilled
S4 Episode 11 : No Stranger to Scandal
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