The Knick

Set in downtown New York in 1900, 'The Knick' is a new Cinemax drama series from Academy Award and Emmy-winning director Steven Soderbergh. It is centered on the Knickerbocker Hospital and the groundbreaking surgeons, nurses and staff who work there, pushing the bounds of medicine in a time of astonishingly high mortality rates and zero antibiotics.

S2 Episode 10 : This Is All We Are
S2 Episode 9 : Do You Remember Moon Flower?
S2 Episode 8 : Not Well At All
S2 Episode 7 : Williams and Walker
S2 Episode 6 : There Are Rules
S2 Episode 5 : Whiplash
S2 Episode 4 : Wonderful Surprises
S2 Episode 3 : The Best with the Best to Get the Best
S2 Episode 2 : You're No Rose
S2 Episode 1 : Ten Knots
S1 Episode 10
S1 Episode 9
S1 Episode 8
S1 Episode 7
S1 Episode 6
S1 Episode 5
S1 Episode 4
S1 Episode 3
S1 Episode 2
S1 Episode 1