Jennifer Beals plays Dr. Carolyn Tyler, who has suffered the recent, devastating loss of her teenage son, the breakup of her marriage and a growing estrangement from her daughter. Carolyn is persuaded by Ivan Turing (Modine), a cancer-stricken tech inventor and billionaire to investigate cases of reincarnation, near-death experiences, hauntings and other phenomena, all of it in the search for evidence that death is not the end.

S1 Episode 10 : Tsunami (2)
S1 Episode 9 : Tsunami (1)
S1 Episode 8 : Reborn
S1 Episode 7 : St. Luke's
S1 Episode 6 : Private Matters
S1 Episode 5 : Memento Vivere
S1 Episode 4 : Redemption
S1 Episode 3 : Showdown
S1 Episode 2 : Til Death
S1 Episode 1