I Live With Models

Set on the fringes of the fashion industry in Miami, 'I Live with Models' is a multi-camera sitcom that follows the everyday adventures of four naïve 20-somethings coming face to (flawless) face with the real world. The show centers around Tommy, a chubby barista, whose perfect hands catapult him into the glamorous but ruthless world of modelling. He can take everything his new career throws at him but the hard part is dealing with his new roommates – a tough-talking catalog model, a muscled lothario and a neurotic catwalk diva.

S1 Episode 8 : Hurricane Party
S1 Episode 7 : Anna The Agent
S1 Episode 6 : Editor
S1 Episode 5 : The Suit
S1 Episode 4 : The Handbag
S1 Episode 3 : Pool Buddies
S1 Episode 2
S1 Episode 1