Houdini & Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini and Stratton are tasked with the cases that nobody else can solve. It challenges their sense of what is real and what is not. Houdini is a skeptic, while Doyle believes in the unseen. Their diverse viewpoints make solving crime a challenge and often Stratton is put in the middle. The trio will take on cases that involve vampires, ghosts, monsters and poltergeists…or are they a ruse to conceal murder?

S1 Episode 10 : The Pall of LaPier
S1 Episode 9 : Necromanteion
S1 Episode 8 : Strigoi
S1 Episode 7 : Bedlam
S1 Episode 6 : The Monsters of Nethermoor
S1 Episode 5 : The Curse of Korzha
S1 Episode 4 : Spring-Heel'd Jack
S1 Episode 3 : In Manus Dei
S1 Episode 2 : A Dish of Adharma
S1 Episode 1 : The Maggie’s Redress