Falling Water

Three unrelated people slowly realize that they are dreaming separate parts of a single common dream. Each of them is on a mysterious and highly personal quest – one is searching for his missing girlfriend, one is searching for a lost child, one is looking to cure his catatonic mother – and it is the clues found in their collective dream that come to guide them. The deeper they dig, though, the more they come to realize that their missions touch on stakes that are much larger than their individual agendas. That the visions found in their common dream just might hold the key to the fate of the world.

S2 Episode 10
S2 Episode 9
S2 Episode 8
S2 Episode 7
S2 Episode 6 : Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons
S2 Episode 5 : Promotion
S2 Episode 4 : Dröm
S2 Episode 3 : Safehouse
S2 Episode 2 : Watchers
S2 Episode 1 : The Shadowman
S1 Episode 10 : Circular Time
S1 Episode 9 : No Task for the Timid
S1 Episode 8 : The Well
S1 Episode 7 : Three Half Blind Mice
S1 Episode 6 : The Swirl
S1 Episode 5 : Ambergris
S1 Episode 4 : Castles Made of Sand
S1 Episode 3 : Monsters, Most Familiar
S1 Episode 2 : Calling the Vasty Deep
S1 Episode 1 : Pilot