Set in the near future, Los Angeles has been walled-off and isolated by a mysterious occupying force. “Colony” centers on a family torn by opposing forces, struggling to balance difficult decisions to stay together while trying to survive in the new world order. While some people choose to collaborate with the authorities and benefit from the occupation, others rebel and suffer the consequences. Former FBI agent Will Bowman has a more complicated role: he's being forced to collaborate with the proxy government in order to protect his family and recover his son, who was separated during the initial invasion.

S2 Episode 13 : Ronin
S2 Episode 12 : Seppuku
S2 Episode 11 : Lost Boy
S2 Episode 10 : The Garden of Beasts
S2 Episode 9 : Tamam Shud
S2 Episode 8 : Good Intentions
S2 Episode 7 : Free Radicals
S2 Episode 6 : Fallout
S2 Episode 5 : Company Man
S2 Episode 4 : Panopticon
S2 Episode 3 : Sublimation
S2 Episode 2 : Somewhere Out There
S2 Episode 1 : Eleven.Thirteen
S1 Episode 10 : Gateway
S1 Episode 9 : Zero Day
S1 Episode 8 : From the Cold
S1 Episode 7 : Broussard
S1 Episode 6 : Yoknapatawpha
S1 Episode 5 : Geronimo
S1 Episode 4 : Blind Spot
S1 Episode 3 : 98 Seconds
S1 Episode 2 : Brave New World
S1 Episode 1